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Hello & Welcome

The seeds of A Deeper Well were planted many years ago, and started simply with the name. At that point, I had no idea what would grow from those seeds, but as time has gone on, and as I have gone through many different seasons of my life since that time, the fruits of what was planted long ago have become clear. 

A Deeper Well exists to empower women to find their deepest and truest connections - connection with the Self, within relationship, with nature, and with the Divine. 

Just as life giving water has been drawn up from wells since the most ancient of days, every woman holds with her soul life giving and nourishing wisdom, authenticity, connection and worthiness. My passion is to guide and walk along side women throughout this personal and spiritual journey, as well as to witness the light and life of the Divine in all women. 

I hope that you join me for the journey!



"Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot.
Seek the path that demands your whole being."




Soul Sessions

Begin your journey through an individual soul session.

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Heart Centered Breathwork

Reiki & Energy Healing

Past Life Regression

Plus... Bespoke Soul Sessions that are fully customizable to you!

Sacred Circles

Continue your journey in the sacred support of community.


Sacred Circles offer a space to heal and grow within a safe community that will encourage, challenge, and support you!


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Events & Workshops

Join me and other incredible healers in our community for events and workshops, including heart centered breathwork, prayer and meditation circles, yoga, sound healing, group hypnosis, and so much more!


Check out our upcoming workshops & events here. 

"The next message you need
is always right where you are."

Ram Dass

Listen to the Hello Self Podcast

Join me and my co-host Crystal for our podcast

Hello Self: Journeys Toward Authenticity!


We dig deep into different aspects of the healing and growth journey, 

exploring holistic healing techniques, uncovering what holds us back from growth, and discovering hidden aspects of the self.


We also share practical tools to help you heal and grow, ways to step into your authentic self, and experiential meditations, guided hypnosis and yoga nidra episodes!

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