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Discover the Power to Embrace your True Self

Transitioning into adulthood is a difficult season of life. You have gotten that degree, found that first job, perhaps you have gotten married or are in a committed relationship and are now facing all the realities of what it means to be an adult.  But something still feels missing - you feel disconnected to the life that you truly want. 

Many people go through this 'quarter life crisis', struggling with their own identity as they try to uncover their true desires for their life. This is a season when many feel lost and overwhelmed, trying to keep up with what they think they are suppose to be doing based on what they have seen in media (and social media) and what they have heard from their parent. They try to play a role that maybe they were never meant to play. 

This 6-month coaching program is designed specifically with all of these factors in mind - to help shift from living in the 'shoulds' to start living in alignment with your authentic self! 

This program is for you if... 

You feel stuck by external 'shoulds' and 'should nots'

You feel pressure from your family, friends and society to be or act a certain way

You feel held back by your perfectionist and people pleasing tendencies

You have worked really hard to get to where you are, but now question if it's what you really want

You feel out of alignment with your true self and don't know how to get back on track

In these 6 months, we will work together to help you work through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the life you want; gain clarity on your goals, dreams, and visions; learn to prioritize true self care and set health boundaries in your life and relationships; connect more deeply to your higher self and spiritual connections; and create a clear map to the life that most deeply desire!

What we Will Cover Together


Learn about the power of your subconscious mind, how it impacts your daily life, and how hypnosis can help you make lasting and profound change in your life. We will also use this time to get crystal clear on your goals for this stage of your personal journey.



Identify your top values and honestly review how you currently live them out in your daily life. We will review each one and go in depth into how each serves as your 'north stars' on your personal journey.



Come face to face with what 'shoulds' and 'should nots' that have been holding you back, as well as answer the question "Who's map am I following anyway?"  Additionally, we will learn how your brain is impacted by your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


Based on the 'shoulds' and 'should nots' that were discovered in the previous session, you will create strong and powerful affirmations to help rewire your brain and break through the mental blocks. You will also learn the components which make up effective affirmations.



During this session, you will assess all the ways in which you give and receive energy, as well as reflect on the balance of the two. Using new or existing knowledge of the chakras, you will create your personal energy budget and plan to help maintain a healthy balance of energy.



Based on the work that you have done to identify and create your values, affirmations, and energy budget, you will identify your top personal priorities. We will begin to create a sustainable plan that helps helps you focus on your priorities while nourishing your body, mind, and soul.


Codependent relationships are often the root cause of what is holding us back from fully being ourselves. This often shows up as perfectionism, people-pleasing, lack of personal boundaries, or downplaying your own needs. We will explore your relationships, identify any codependent tendencies, and begin the work of breaking free from these habits.


With the solid foundation of the work already done, we will take a look at your personal boundaries, review how these boundaries have been helping or hindering you, and creating new boundaries where needed that support your nourishment and growth.



This session is all about connection more deeply and profoundly with your higher self, divine connections, and/or spirit guides. We will look at different spiritual development methods, and tap into the wisdom of the spiritual to continue guiding you on your journey.


Based on everything that you have discovered thus far, you will work to create a clear picture of your ideal life. Using tools such as visualization, you will learn how to truly tap into the energy of this idea life that will sustain you in making lasting change.





Using the ideal day as a foundation, you will identify new habits, routines, and steps to help you reach that future version of you. We will work to create new goals and easy and practical steps to help you as you continue forward in your personal journey. 



Drawing upon all that you have learned over the course of the program, we will review and assess your new habits and routines, making any adjustments needed to help you moving forward. You will take away a new 'map' or plan of action - one that is truly one of your own creation!

6-Month Program

The full 6-month coaching program includes:

  •  Bi-weekly virtual 1:1 calls, lasting between 90-120 minutes, to dig into your goals and growth - may include hypnosis, meditation, breathwork  energy work, and more!

  • Recordings of all sessions, including meditations and hypnosis work for you to practice and refer back to.


  • ​ Voice note/text support between sessions (M-F business hours)


  • $6,000 for 6 month program

  • Pay in Full, Get 10% Off! - $5,4000

  • $1,000/month on payment plan 


All payments made through Paypal


Coaching Intensive

One-day coaching intensive to help launch growth! Choose 2 focus areas from full program topics.

Intensive Session includes: 

  • Initial 30 minute call to discuss goals and intentions for the intensive.

  • 3-hour, 1:1 intensive session specifically crafted for your goals & intentions - may include hypnosis, meditation, breathwork or energy work.


  • 30 minute follow up call to discuss progress, growth, and next steps​​.



  • $900 ($450 non-refundable deposit, $450 due 3 business days before intensive session)


All payments made through Paypal


Disclaimer: Both the 6-month and intensive offerings are coaching services only. While I am a licensed professional counselor and offer counseling services to individuals within the state(s) in which I am licensed (WI), I do not provide counseling services through my coaching offerings. Counseling-specific services include, but are not limited to: diagnosis of mental disorders; treatment of mental disorders; clinical assessments, evaluations, or reports; and clinical recommendations. If I suspect that counseling services may be better suited to your needs, I will clearly state as such and introduce a discussion about the best possible paths forward for you. Clients who have worked with me for counseling may not transfer to coaching services, and clients who have worked with me for coaching may not transfer to counseling services. Please contact me for any clarification or questions.