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Rock Maze

Individual Soul Sessions

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven approach that gives you access to your deep subconscious mind and helps you to discover the root cause of your issues. By entering into a hypnotic state, you are allowing your body and mind to go into a deep relaxation as you shift between your conscious and subconscious mind.


Through this altered state of consciousness, you will be able to access a greater connection to your emotions, somatic responses and releases, and intuition, leading to profound healing and growth. By using regression hypnosis, you will have the opportunity to return to past experiences that led to these emotional, mental or physical patterns within your life. 

Sessions include an introduction to hypnotherapy, resourcing, age regressions and inner child healing. They may also include emotional extinguishing, soul retrievals, or other components unique to your healing journey.

1h 45m | $300

Heart Centered Breathwork

Heart Centered Breathwork utilizes circular conscious connected breathing techniques that lead you through a deeply unique, personal and transformative experience. By entering into this altered state of consciousness, Heart Centered Breathwork helps to release blocked emotional energy, release tension in the body and go deeper into your self exploration. 

My individual breathwork sessions take a nondirective approach, allowing for you to experience your own journey through altered states of consciousness. This non direct approach also enables you to stay present within your subconscious and somatic states. Wordless music helps to support your journey while I hold the space energetically and ensure your safety.

Sessions include an introduction to conscious connected breathing, 75 minutes of breathwork, and post-breathwork integration. 

1h 45m | $280

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression uses regression hypnotherapy to intentionally revisit past life memories and experiences that may be impacting your present life.


Many of our experiences in past lives can directly show up in our limiting beliefs and patterns in the present life, and revisiting these memories can helps us gain clarity on chronic issues such as low self-worth, feelings of abandonment, and others. Additionally, as we often travel with the same souls from lifetime to lifetime, we frequently re-experience relational dynamics and soul contracts that may be holding us back from healing and growth. 

In our past life regression session, we will visit at least one past life, visiting different significant experiences within that lifetime and healing the wounds from the past. You may also be able to identify specific people in your present life within the past lives, helping to shed new light into your relationship with those people. We will also leave time for integration at the end of session.

1h 45m | $300

Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki is comprised of two​ Japanese symbols - 'Rei' meaning the subtle wisdom that guides creation and functioning of everything within the universe; and 'Ki', meaning life force energy that animates all living things. Reiki healing, therefore, is the practice of connecting the divine wisdom of the universe to the divine wisdom that is innate within you.


Reiki can be used to help ease physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual concerns, or simply as a way to feel more relaxed and connected to Self and Divine.


During our Reiki session, you will be given the space to sink into the Reiki energy within a calming and peaceful environment. I currently practice a hands-off Reiki approach, working 1-2" off your body at the closest range. Please wear comfortable clothing that will enable you to relax and breath deeply.

50m | $180

Bespoke Soul Session

Join us for a Bespoke Souls Session - a custom created half day session designed to help you reach the next level of your healing and empower growth toward your most authentic self. During our time together, we will set clear intentions, experience expanded states of consciousness to foster healing, and promote further transformation through Reiki and energy work. 


Each session includes...

  • Intention setting ritual in order to become crystal clear on vision for session

  • Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, or Breathwork focused on intentions

  • Audio and/or video recording of Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression session for you to refer to in the future

  • Reiki and energy healing during and/or following hypnotherapy/past life regression/breathwork

  • Integration and processing rituals in the form of creative expression - painting, drawing, mandala creation, writing, etc.

  • Additional activities, rituals, or workshops that further enhance the intentions of session (if applicable)

  • Follow up email, including notes from session, processing prompts, and personalized action steps

  • Email access to Bethany for 1 week following the session in order to process and integrate with additional support

  • Other components of bespoke session may include tea ceremony, intuitive oracle card reading, additional breathwork or energy techniques, or others as the intention arises and intuition leads.

3h 30m | $500

Ready to Work with Me? 

Questions about any of the soul sessions?

Disclaimer: All services offered through A Deeper Well, LLC are holistic and alternative healing modalities. While I am a licensed professional counselor and offer clinical counseling services to individuals within the state(s) in which I am licensed (WI), I do not provide clinical counseling services through A Deeper Well, LLC, and will not diagnose or treat mental disorders or provide clinical assessments, evaluations, or reports, nor give clinical recommendations. If I suspect that counseling services may be better suited to your needs, I will clearly state as such and introduce a discussion about the best possible paths forward for you. Clients who have worked with me for counseling may not transfer to A Deeper Well, LLC's services, and clients who have worked with me through A Deeper Well, LLC may not transfer to counseling services. Please contact me for any clarification or questions. 

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