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Focused Healing Sessions

Diving Deep into the Heart of the Issue

Do you feel stuck in your healing journey, and want some additional support to help you get started again?
Do you feel like you have tried countless methods to find healing and growth, but still find yourself falling back into the same old patterns, behaviors, and routines - keeping you forever spinning your wheels?
Are you ready to shed your old patterns, limiting beliefs and behaviors, and embrace your truest, most authentic self?

Are you ready to dive deep into your own subconscious mind for a profound session of intensive growth and self-discovery?

Is it time to connect to your true and most authentic self on a deeper level?

Join me for a Focused Healing Session - 3-hour long session custom designed to help you address your targeted areas of healing and growth on this stage of your journey. During our time together, we will set clear intentions; utilize hypnotherapy to build healing resources, uncover lifelong or multi-life patterns, and foster healing; and further promote healing and growth through energy work - such as Reiki and EFT/Tapping. 

Each session includes... 

  • Intention setting activity in order to become crystal clear on what you are working on during the session.

  • Hypnotherapy session customized to your specific interests and goals - could include resourcing, age regressions, past life regressions, creative exploration and enhancement, future progression, or other components! 

  • Audio and/or video recording of the session for you to go back to in the future

  • Reiki and energy work during and/or after the hypnotherapy session

  • Additional activities and/or worksheets that further enhance the goals of the session (if applicable)

  • Follow up email, including notes from session, processing prompts, and personalized action steps

  • Email access to me for 1 week following the session in order to process and integrate with additional support


Are you ready to take the next step and invest in your own personal healing and growth?

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3-Hour Session - $555

Disclaimer: Both the 3-month and focused healing sessions are coaching services only. While I am a licensed professional counselor and offer counseling services to individuals within the state(s) in which I am licensed (WI), I do not provide counseling services through A Deeper Well, LLC, and will not diagnose or treat mental disorders or provide clinical assessments, evaluations, or reports, nor give clinical recommendations. If I suspect that counseling services may be better suited to your needs, I will clearly state as such and introduce a discussion about the best possible paths forward for you. Clients who have worked with me for counseling may not transfer to coaching services, and clients who have worked with me for coaching may not transfer to counseling services. Please contact me for any clarification or questions.