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Embracing Both the Light & the Dark Within

Twice a year, our world comes into a perfect balance between darkness and light. It is on these equinoxes - on or around March 21st and September 21st each year - when we have equal amounts of day and night. For the spring equinox - at least for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere - this day marks the beginning of longer days and is a time of rebirth, renewal, and new life beginning to spring forth. Today, on the autumn equinox, we enter the time of the year when we have longer nights. The darkness indicates the cooler weather that is upon us, the dying of the plants and crops, and the winter that is to come.

But beyond the effects that it has on the world around us, this day calls us to go inward, to reflect, to rest. As humans, our internal world is often a reflection of the external world, and the shifting of the seasons is no differe