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What we will be Covering
The Boundaries in Your Life --- Gain a deeper understanding of the different types of boundaries, the areas of life in which we can place boundaries, and how your family history, geographical location, societal values, and more all impact your boundaries.
Gaining Clarity on Personal Values --- One of the most important ways to get crystal clear on where to set your boundaries is knowing what your personal values are. Learn how values shape your worldview, and how identifying your personal top values can help direct the course of your life.
Understanding Personal Limits --- 
Listening to the Body & Intuition --- When we learn to mindfully tap into our body's knowledge, memory, and deep intuition, we gain clarity ....
Considering the Long View --- Look beyond the immediate situation and consider your 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year visions. We will look at how the boundaries that we set today can impact the future that we are currently creating. 
Communicating & Maintaining Boundaries --- Building boundaries can only go as far as our ability to communicate those boundaries and hold others - and ourselves - to them. We will discuss tips on how to communicate boundaries to those we love the most, as well as how to keep ourselves accountable to maintaining them when it would be easier to let something slide past.
What's Included
  • Lifelong access to the Building Bold Boundaries course, hosted on Course Craft, with self-paced lessons including activities, psychoeducation, and recommended resources
    • The course & program are set up to cover one lesson each week of the program. However, feel free to go at your own pace, as you have lifelong access to all of the content.​
  • Access to the Building Bold Boundaries private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, interact with other participants, and watch videos live or replayed. 
    • Facebook group will archive ​one week after end of program, however access will be lifelong
    • Facebook group rules must be followed throughout the duration of the program, as well as throughout the week following. Any violation of rules will result in loosing access to the group page until the page has been archived. 
  • (6) Weekly live videos  within the Facebook group, featuring trainings, hypnotherapy and meditation sessions. Live videos will take place on Mondays at 11:00am CST, unless otherwise specified within the group page. 
  • Two Q&A sessions within the Facebook group. Q&A sessions will take place on the 3rd and 6th week of the program. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is this a counseling group? 
A. No - this is not a group counseling program. The only interaction available with other program participants will be through the Facebook group. While I will be available within the group page to answer questions and to ensure the group page rules are being followed, I will not be facilitating any group discussions. Additionally, while I ask for confidentiality within the group page, it is never guaranteed. Therefore, it is up to you to share your own personal information at your own risk. 
Q. Can I opt out of the Facebook group and still have access to the videos? 
Q. How long will I have access to the program content?
A. You will have lifelong access to both the course and the Facebook group. The Facebook group will be archived one week after the end of the program, however your access to it will continue. 
Referral Program & Group Enrollments
Do you have friends that you know you know would love the Building Bold Boundaries program as well? Save money on this or future programs when you bring along your friends! 
Here's how...
Option 1: After you sign up, refer a friend to the program and save on future programs! 
  • Have your friend contact me directly and mention your name. You will receive $20 off a future offer, and your friend will receive $10 off their current enrollment. 
  • The more friends you refer, the more you can save in the future! 
Option 2: Sign up and pay together for bigger discounts! 
  • Enrollment for 2 people  - $20 off each 
  • Enrollment for 3-5 people - $30 off each
  • Enrollment for 6+ people - $60 off each
If you would like more information on either the referral program or the group enrollment, please contact me directly at
--- Early Bird Enrollment- $300 ---
(Available through June 30, 2021)
Regular Enrollment - $360
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