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Historical Trauma & The Fight Against Racism

The events of recent weeks have once again set the world on fire in the pursuit of justice. The ongoing oppression and violence against people of color has continually revictimized and retraumatized individuals within the black community, as well as the community as a whole. The lasting effects of this trauma have a profound impact on not only the mental and physical health of those individuals, but ultimately on our entire country. As a white woman, I do not claim to fully know or understand the experiences of anyone of another race or culture, including those within the black community. I am, however, passionate about education surrounding trauma and the impact that it has on individuals and groups as a whole. By having a better understanding of trauma, and particularly historical trauma, we can build a more solid foundation for which to make lasting social change.

The oppression and injustice that has been aimed at the black community goes back to the days of slavery, when many American ancestors